While there are a number of reports that are already available, you may also want to create your own custom reports that you can pull up with custom columns, filters and specific graphs.

Making a copy of a report

To create a new report, you will have to make a copy of an existing report.

  1. As a Marketplace Owner, log into the back end of the website and go to Reports > Advanced Reports > Reports.

  2. Choose a report that is closest to the type of report you'd like to create (eg a copy of Orders).

  3. Once the report has loaded, you will be able to see 3 dots on the far right of the screen (desktop). Click on this and you will see a pop up with the following options.

  4. Select Make a copy.

  5. The new report will be made and you can access this later from the bottom of the list. It will first be listed Untitled Report.

Customising your report

You can only customise your copied reports. Pre-existing reports cannot be modified.

  1. On your selected report that you've copied, go to the far right side and click on the 3 dots.

  2. Choose Edit report

  3. On the left you will see a variety of options you can set.

    General Information
    - Title: This will be the title of your report.

    - Dimensions: This is the attribute that is used to breakdown the different rows.

    - Columns: These are the other columns to show for the row

    - Primary Filters: This is where you can add attributes to filter by at the top. By default, the report will show all items.

    Internal Filters
    - This forces a particular filter to the report (without having to have to always select a Primary Filter).

  4. Choose Save when done.

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