Omnyfy comes with standard e-commerce reporting out of the box, for Marketplace Owners. Vendors currently do not have access to this, and can see their stats through the dashboard (depending what you have provided as available).

Accessing Reports

  1. Log into the back-end as a Marketplace Owner

  2. Go to the left menu and select Reports. A flyout should appear to show a variety of other reports available. Let's start with Advanced Reports > Reports.

  3. Here you will see the general sales report as the first report available.

  4. Click on the top left, to see all of the reports available

  5. You can also Export the current report into a CSV or XML file

  6. You can also Edit Columns to see other details. However please note that this will NOT save the columns the next time you visit this report. This is only temporary for you to see order information.

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