Credit memos allow the Marketplace Owner to provide a refund (directly or manually) back to the customer, provided the customer has paid for it and has been invoiced.

The following process is based on our standard implementation, with the workflow rules set up to auto assign approved RMAs to the Marketplace owner (or designated credit memo provider). See related links below and ensure you understand the workflow before continuing:


  • The order needs to have been invoiced already to the customer

  • The order cannot have be in the Canceled status

Crediting an Approved RMA

  1. As the assignee of the RMA (whether it be the Marketplace Owner or another admin user), log in to the Omnyfy Admin and go to Sales > RMA.

  2. From the grid, you will really only need to look for RMAs assigned to you with the Approved status (depending on how your workflow is).

  3. On the row of an RMA that is Approved, from the Action column, choose Select > Edit.

  4. Once the page loads, review the products that have been approved.

  5. From the top of the page, choose Credit Memo from the menu on the top bar.

  6. This will open a new tab for the credit memo. Here you will see the order information (like in Sales > Orders)

    And below is where you can update the products to return.

    Ensure you update only the products that need refunding. Set the products that are not needed to '0' from Qty to Refund and choose Update Qty's from the bottom.

  7. Keep scrolling down and you will see the updated amount the customer will receive for this credit memo

    Subtotal - This is the subtotal for the products in the Qty to Refund
    Refund Shipping - Allows you to provide an additional refund amount for shipping as a separate line item
    Adjustment Refund - Allows you to provide additional funds to refund back to the customer
    Adjustment Fee - Allows you to remove a set amount of funds from the refund back to the customer
    Tax - This is the tax for the subtotal amount which is added on to the Grand Total to refund
    Credits Earned - If applicable, this will provide credits back to the customer for the refund (only if you have Rewards Points configured/installed).
    Grand Total - A sum of the entire refund back to the customer

    Ensure when updating Refund Shipping, Adjustment Refund and Adjustment Fee, that you Update Totals to get the latest Grand Total.

    You can also choose to email a copy of the Credit Memo to the customer so that they have it in their inbox as reference notification.

  8. When you are ready to provide the refund, you can select one of the following at the bottom:

    Refund Offline - this will simply mark the Refund as paid back to the customer. You will need to pay the customer back outside of the platform (eg Bank Transfer etc)
    Refund - This will directly pay the customer back immediately (depending on the payment method). Use this for Stripe Payments and you will not need to go into stripe to initiate the refund.

  9. Once the Credit Memo is complete, simply go back to the RMA and choose close. This will ensure that the RMA no longer needs any action done to it, and it's a good way to see which RMAs are still requiring payment, and which ones are paid.

    NOTE: The customer will be notified of the credit memo when actioned.

    NOTE: The vendors payout amounts will automatically be updated/deducted with the necessary refund. The order will also not appear in Pending Payouts if the order hasn't been paid yet to the vendor.

    NOTE: If the vendor has already been paid for the order, then the vendors will need to transfer the funds back to the Marketplace Owner manually. There is no reconciliation once the vendors have been paid for the order. Consider this when actioning payout frequencies and refund policies.

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