Customers (registered or guests) can request an RMA from the Marketplace. Vendors are generally in charge of the approval of these RMAs, however the Marketplace Owner is responsible for paying the customers back generally. This is only the case IF the customer has already paid for the order.

Receiving an RMA request (registered customers)

A logged in customer can request an RMA from the Marketplace through the order from My Account or in My Returns tab.

Once the customer makes the RMA request, the vendors are notified. For a multi-vendor RMA, a separate request is created for each vendor if requested at the same time.

In this example above, you can see that there are 3 RMAs for order #0000000342. They are separated per vendor since they were lodged at the same time, however each vendor can approve different aspects of the RMA.

Each vendor will receive a notification once the RMA has been requested, and the RMA will be assigned to the vendor user on the platform.

Managing the RMAs (as a vendor)

  1. As a vendor, you can access your RMAs through Sales > RMA.

  2. Upon loading the page, you will see a grid of existing RMAs (if applicable).

    There are a few RMA statuses to know:

    Pending Approval - This requires the Vendor to approve the RMA so that it can be assigned to the Marketplace Owner to issue a Credit Memo back to the customer (or not invoice).

    Approved - The RMA is approved by the vendor, and notifies the customer and Marketplace Owner (based on the Workflow Rules).

    Closed - The Marketplace Owner has already issued a Credit Memo to the customer successfully.

  3. For the most part, Vendors only need to just focus on Pending Approval as these would be the only RMAs that needs their action and is assigned to them. From the Action column, select Edit.

  4. The page will then load to show the details of the RMA.

    The first part will contain the general information about the RMA (to the left) while the contact information of the customer will be available on the right.

    The second section will contain the information about the products in question. You will be able to see the Reason, Condition and Resolution that the customer selected for each item for that vendor.

    You can also have vendor > customer communication about the RMA, where the vendor can also provide support if needed that might not need a refund after all. Registered customers will be able to see the message chain (and respond to the vendor) in the RMA details itself.

  5. Once the vendor has agreed on the conditions and can approve the RMA, it's simply changing the status from Pending Approval to Approved.

  6. Once Approved, the RMA Owner will then automatically change to the Marketplace Owner (or designated Credit Memo provider).

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