This is typically required to set up when you are going through a standard RMA process as outlined here.

Omnyfy automatically split the RMA by the different vendors - so this step will apply for when the vendor approves the RMA, as this will need to then be automatically assigned to a specific Admin User from the Marketplace, to provide the Credit Memos.

Creating an RMA Workflow

  1. In the admin, go to Sales > RMA.

  2. When the page loads, from the top choose RMA > Workflow Rules

  3. From here, if there isn't already a rule created for what you need, please go to Add New Rule.

  4. In this case, you can start to set up your rules. Generally, here's the configuration to set up the rules so that the Marketplace Owner is assigned the RMA once approved by the Vendor.



Here is the configuration you can use to create the name of the rule, priority and if it's enabled.


What is the event to use. Here are the dropdowns available:

For this rule, you want to ensure you select RMA has been changed.

Choose at which point you want to apply this rule. In this case - we want it to be when the RMA has been changed to Approved. This status is changed by the vendor during the workflow process, so that's what we need to set.


Choose what happens to the RMA. The biggest thing here is that you need to decide who to set the owner of the RMA as. The Set Owner field will show all users on the platform. Select the admin user responsible for actioning the credit memo on the back end, and paying the customers back.


Here you can choose to Email the customer and the new RMA Owner of this change - as well as the message shown.

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