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Customer Requests a Refund

In order for a customer to request a refund online, they will need to be signed in as a registered customer on the platform. Customers can be registered either by using the sign up form, upon making an order as a guest (if applicable).

When the customer has signed up - they can access any existing order that they had with that email address (tied to this customer account) and choose to refund the order if they wish via their Customer dashboard.

1. Customer logs in to the front end of the platform

2. When the customer is taken to the dashboard - they can select from the left menu item My Orders.

3. Select an order you would like to see the details of.

4. Within that order, you can see a tab for RMA (this may be renamed specific to your project). Select this tab.

5. In the RMA tab, if there are no returns already existing for this order, then you will see an empty table. Otherwise you can also see what returns are pending for this order that were previously submitted. To request a return, simply click on Request New Return.

6. The page will load with a dropdown for them to select the order they wish to RMA. Choose an order and select Apply to load the contents of that order.

7. When the order loads, you will see each item with a tickbox to indicate if you would like to choose one.

8. Select the products you would like to return with the tick box, and more options will appear. Here you can select the default fields of Reason, Condition and Resolution for each product.

9. After selecting all the necessary options, customers can Submit Request.

10. From here, the vendors will receive a notification for their products. If the order RMA contains multiple vendors, then the RMA will be split by the different vendors. The RMA number (highlighted on the left) will be different for each vendor - but the order number will still be the same (highlighted on the middle).

My Returns page

Customers can also access all their requests from the My Returns tab on the left to see all their RMAs in one page.

They can also use this page to initiate a new RMA

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