There are limitations to being able to make a payment directly to a Vendor on the marketplace. The main limitation is that this can only be achieved in a SINGLE VENDOR CHECKOUT scenario, i.e. if the customer is restricted to paying out to one Vendor at a time (like Uber or Deliveroo etc).

Payments to multiple Vendors “Directly” in a single transaction cannot be supported as the Authorised and Captured value on the customer’s card or payment method cannot be then settled via multiple Merchant ID as it will not match the source payment amount.

Even using Stripe’s “Destination Charges” payment approach cannot work as only one Vendor can be included in the payment transaction at a time.

This is why Omnyfy uses “Separate Charges and Transfers” which permits the platform to capture the funds from the customer first, then break down the payments to the Vendors and disburse the funds after fulfilment has occurred.

Additionally using this workflow allows the marketplace owner to capture the funds first and then pay-out the Vendors once the order has been fulfilled.

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