The Omnyfy API Collection comprises of API's that are purpose built for the Omnyfy Marketplace as well as native API's from Magento 2. The list of API's below reference Omnyfy's API documentation and where relevant link out to the API documentation on Magento as well. All Magento Native API calls are usable on Omnyfy.

Omnyfy API Docs Access the Omnyfy Vendor Docs on Redocly


Authentication to use the API's is via Magento's standard API authentication. Please follow the instructions here to generate the API token and access the API's

Vendor API

  1. Get Vendors from Marketplace

  2. Get Vendor Details

Location API

  1. Get Vendor Locations

  2. Get Location Details

Product API

  1. Get Vendor Products

  2. Get Product List - Get a list of products from the marketplace

  3. Create or update a product

  4. Delete a product

Inventory API'

  1. Assign a product to a specific Vendor

  2. Update product inventory for a specific Vendor's location / warehouse

  3. Get Inventory for a specific product - Gets location based inventory and total stock inventory from the product

Customer API

  1. Create a customer on the marketplace

  2. Get a customer access token

Sales and Order API

  1. Create a quote for a customer

  2. Save a quote for a customer

  3. Update a customer's existing quote

  4. Get a quote for a customer

  5. Create an empty cart and quote for a guest customer

  6. List all items in a customer's cart

  7. Add or update items in a customer's cart

  8. Remove an item from a customer's cart

  9. List items that are assigned to a specific cart

  10. Add or update the specified cart item

  11. Remove the specified item from the customer's cart for guest

  12. Add update specified cart items for guest

  13. Remove item from a guest's cart

Shipping API

  1. Estimate shipping by address and return a list of available shipping methods

  2. Get shipment

  3. Get a list of shipments

Checkout API

  1. Set a customer's shipping and billing address

  2. Place an order for a customer

  3. Set a guest's shipping and billing address

  4. Place an order for a guest

  5. Create an invoice

  6. Get invoice list

Order Management API

  1. Get orders list

  2. Get a list of items ordered on the marketplace by Vendor

  3. Get the Click and Collect status of an order

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