The module allows to arrange shipping destinations into areas and apply rules to the whole area at once. Include or exclude from the area different countries, states, regions, cities, zip codes, etc. For example, you can easily configure delivery to the distant regions by creating the appropriate shipping area that includes such destinations.

Create and easily manage all shipping areas on a handy grid, where you can see the Name, Description and Status of each area.

Edit or Delete a rule via Select dropdown menu in the Action column.

To perform mass actions, tick the rules and choose the necessary variant from the Actions dropdown. Delete, Duplicate or Change Status in one click.

To create a new area, hit the Add Shipping Area button.

Go to the General tab. In our example we create a custom area for distant UK regions.

Field Name


Shipping Area Name

Specify the title of the area. It will be displayed on the grid and in the rules conditions.


Set to Active to enable the area.


Define additional information about the area: the cases of usage, regions included, etc. The description will be displayed on the grid as well.

Then specify the particular regions in the Area Conditions tab.

Field Name


For Countries

Choose All countries or Include/Exclude specific countries.


Specify the countries you want to include in the area or exclude from. Use a handy dropdown menu and tick the countries needed.

For States/Regions

Define all the states and regions or the areas to be included/excluded.


Specify the states or regions and include in the area or exclude from.

For Cities

Select All to add all cities to the area or Include/Exclude particular ones.


Specify the particular cities.

For Zip/Postcode

Just as in the previous option, Include or Exclude necessary Zip/Postcodes if needed. For example, you can specify a zip code that starts from ‘X’ or ends with ‘Y. Use a single postcode or a number of zip codes From - To.

For Shipping Address Line

Choose All shipping address lines or specify the particular lines if Contains or Doesn’t contain is selected.

Save the area.

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