Omnyfy supports a configurable Vendor Search page that supports multiple search types with faceted, filterable navigation.

Default URL:

The Default URL of the search page is as follows: [marketplace URL]/vendorsearch/result/index/

Vendor Search Configurations

Vendor search configurations can be found in Store > Configuration > Omnyfy (or Omnymart) > Vendor Search

1. Vendor Search

Is Enabled

Enable or Disable Vendor Search

By Default it is set to "Enable"

2. Vendor Search Results Page

Page Title

Set the title of the Vendor Search results page

Display Search Form

Display a search form that can enable customers to search for Vendors based on the "Vendor Type"

You can use this to create Vendor Search forms where the "Type" of Vendor is important - e.g. if it is a professional services marketplace that combines providers from different professional vendor categories

Display Filters

Enable or disable filters on the Vendor Search

Note - this configuration has been deprecated and Filters are always on

Display Distance Filters

Enable or disable the show Distance Filter -

Note that this must be implemented in conjunction with theme configurations that allow distance (Geolocation) based search

Location Page URL

Location Page (Default)

Can be changed to Booking Location Page if using the Vendor Search in conjunction with the Omnyfy Service Booking module. This will take the user to the Vendor Location Page with the Booking Module displayed.

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