The Catalog Section is a default Magento Configuration and covers a large number of settings. The following configurations are located under Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog

The following configurations are important and should be reviewed. Please leave all other configurations as "Use System Value"

Catalog Section

This section controls the product configurations, default fallback options and display for the marketplace.

1. Storefront

Products per Page on Grid Allowed Values

Depending on the design that you select for your marketplace you can choose multiples of the columns (e.g. if 4, then use 14,24,32 etc) if 5, use 10, 25,50 etc)


Product Listing Sort By

Defines the default sort of all products in the catalogue

Default is "Position" which relates to the order in which the product was published. This can be changed by Unselecting "Use System Value" and choosing a different Sort Type.

Allow All Products Per Page

Displays All products in catalogue on one page

Please leave this to "No" . Setting this to Yes may cause significant performance degradation on the site.

2. Product Alerts

These configurations allow you to set whether your customers can receive alerts when there are price or stock changes on the platform.

Allow Alert When Price Changes

Set to Yes to allow customers to be notified if there is a price change

Default is "No"

Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock

Set to Yes to allow customers to be notified if an "out of stock" product is back in stock

Default is "No"

3. Product Image Placeholders

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that these images are changed when setting up your marketplace to ensure that if a product image is not showing that a branded placeholder image will be displayed.

Recommendation: Use an 800x800px square placeholder image such as the one below and upload it to the following

  • Base

  • Small

  • Swatch

  • Thumbnail

Right Click on the image below and click "Save Image As" to download a copy.

Omnyfy Catalogue Placeholder Image

The rest of the other configurations can remain as is.

Inventory Section

This controls the inventory section of your site. Omnyfy generally do not use default Magento inventory options, since inventory is managed by the vendors through their Locations. You can leave all of the settings as is.

Other Catalog Sections

There are several other sections such as the ones below, which you do not need to make any changes on. Please leave all configurations as is.

  • XML Sitemap

  • RSS Feeds

  • Email to a Friend

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