In order to see the Vendor Subvendors menu item in the admin, the ACL item must be selected for the rule (unless you are admin):

User Roles > [Select Role] > Role Resources > Omnymart > Vendor Subvendor

Creating a Sub-vendor role

A Sub-vendor role is defined as role that sits under a Vendor Admin and is used to provide restricted access to a Vendor's own account.

For example a Vendor can create a Sub-vendor role to manage marketing, manage orders only, manage full account or manage quote requests.

The option is available under the User Roles > [Select Role] > Role Info Tab

Creating a new Sub-Vendor Role

Only MO / Admin and Vendors can create a new Sub-Vendor Role

Menu Item - Marketplace Management > Business and Location > Vendor Subvendors

Any User Roles created above that are set to be a Subvendor User Role will appear under the User Role tab.

MO / Admins:

  • Admins can see all subvendors

  • When an Admin is creating a new subvendor, they are presented with ‘Parent Vendor’ dropdown under the User Info tab

  • They will fill in this form with the required details (it is like creating a new backend user form), but they must select a vendor the subvendor belongs to

  • Once the User Info items are filled, they need to choose the User Role

  • Click Save User and the user will be created


  • Vendors can only see Sub-vendors that belong to them

  • Vendors will not see the ‘Parent Vendor’ tab, their vendor_id is used to populate this field in the backend (to tie in the Sub-vendor to their account)

  • Select the "Subvendor Role" that the Vendor wishes to assign to this Sub-Vendor User

  • Click Save User and the user will be created

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