You've received an order notification, and prepared all of the products to ship. You now need to prepare the shipment in the Omnyfy platform. Before you do, ensure that you have enough credits in your Easyship Account before you buy your label with Easyship. Your credit is what you would use to pay for the label. Check out the following links if you don't know how to add credit to your account.

If you have enough credit, then you can go ahead and proceed.

STEP 1. First you will need to log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend.

STEP 2. Select from the left menu, Sales > Orders

STEP 3. Select the Order you wish to ship (you can use the View from the Action column, or you can simply click on the order itself and it will take you to the Order Detail page)

STEP 4. When you enter the order view - you can see on the right hand column under "Payment & Shipping Method", there is the shipping option that was selected.

NOTE: Depending on your configuration to use Live Rates or not, it will determine if the customer had already selected the courier, or if you will select the courier.

FOR THOSE USING LIVE RATES: This option would have already been populated with the customer's choice of courier. You can skip to step 5.

FOR THOSE NOT USING LIVE RATES: Here you will see a different option for the Courier column, and no rates for Courier Rates. This is because the customer had selected a flat rate, and you will now have the choice to select which courier to use.

Select "Book Carrier" and a pop up will appear

You will see the options available here for the products you will ship - and the rates. Select an option, then choose "Confirm Carrier".

Now you can see the Courier selected, and the Courier Rate for that selection.

STEP 5. On the top right hand corner of the Order view, select "Ship"

STEP 6. Once the new screen loads, select the "Ship" button on the right for the products you would like to ship. If you have multiple locations for this order, (either as a Vendor with multiple locations or as a Marketplace Owner view), there will be a line item for each location.

NOTE: For shipments using the Overall Cart function, there will only be 1 record here for all products.

STEP 7. Here you will enter the "Shipment View". If you scroll down - you will find on the right side the Shipping Information.

NOTE: If your Easyship Account uses Live rates, you will not see the "Vendor Booked Option". This option is only available for those not using "Flat Rates" .

STEP 8. Select the button Book Shipment and Get Label.

STEP 9. The page will then reload with a success message at the top of the page if it was successful. This will also deduct the amount of the shipping cost from your Easyship account credit that you set up before.

You will also see that now the button for "Book Shipment and Get Label" has changed to the following

  • Download and Print Label: This will open a new tab with the PDF of the label that you can use to stick on the package.

  • Go to Pickup Management: This is a shortcut to "Sales > Easyship Booking Management". This will direct you to the next step.of booking with Easyship.

  • Cancel Shipment: This will cancel the shipment.

Here is an example label PDF that you can print out and attach to the shipment.

NOTE: The From label information will depend on which courier used. Some couriers can only display the Default Sender information from the Easyship account - which if you have multiple addresses on the Easyship Account, it may not show correctly.

At this point, you shipment will have made it's way to the Easyship account - so if you log into the Easyship account under "Manage Shipments > All" , you will see the reference number with the order details - but you should be able to do everything for this order through the Omnyfy Platform, so you wouldn't really need to touch the Easyship Dashboard.

Let's continue to the next step, and schedule your delivery!

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