Once you have completed setting up your Easyship account on Omnyfy, you will need to link it to a Location in order to start using it.

If you already have a location created and an Easyship account from the same country, you simply need to update a few fields. First will be 4 fields in the Location Information tab.

  • Location Contact Name: This will be the name of the contact person for this particular location for shipping notifications/enquiries (eg if a courier is coming to pick up an order) (Limit to 15 characters incl spaces)

  • Location Contact Phone: This is the phone number that Easyship will use to contact this location regarding pick up of the deliveries

  • Location Contact Email: For pick up notifications if required

  • Location Company Name: To appear on the label (Limit to 19 characters incl spaces)

NOTE FOR MARKETPLACE OWNERS: Couriers integrate with Easyship in their own way, which means they may use either the Easyship Default Sender Address on the label, or it may use the location information entered above. This will depend on each courier.

Once you have filled in those fields, go to the "Shipping Settings" tab.

Here you will select the Easyship Account to connect to. You will need to have an Easyship account created for it to appear here - or you can use the Marketplace Owner's account.

NOTE FOR MARKETPLACE OWNERS: The only accounts that will appear here are the ones that you create for this specific country, OR vendor created Easyship accounts.

Once you select an Easyship Account, simply select Save. Omnyfy will then tie this location to this specific address using the Easyship Address ID (this is done automatically on save).

You can see this on the Easyship Account if you are controlling it. Each location information will be added as a new entry to the "Shipping Address".

That's it. You can update the Location details as you wish and it will update the information here for you too.

NOTE FOR MARKETPLACE OWNERS: You can also set a single pick up point for the entire order, if you have the website to use the "Calculate Shipping By" to "Overall Cart". This means that whatever location that has the Easyship account set to, will be used for the pick up. Find out more here for how this works:

This option does not pay out vendors for any shipping.

Now that your location is set up, it's time to apply the dimensions for your products to get the rates.

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