Easyship is a global shipping integrator that connects your store to multiple couriers in over 26 countries. Omnyfy's Easyship Module allows flexibility for customers to choose the courier applicable to them (based on live rates and delivery times), and also allows Vendors to enable a flat rate or their store - wherein a customer will pay a fixed cost for shipping, and the vendor can select which courier they would like to ship their product with, all in the backend of the Omnyfy platform.

Prior to configuring Easyship on the Omnyfy platform, please ensure you have created an account with Easyship here - simply choose 'Sign Up' at the top.

Marketplace Configuration

In order to use this shipping method the Marketplace must be using "Per Vendor" configuration for shipping, please see this article for how to set this.

You will also need to set up your Marketplace Commercials Management (MCM) to use "Enable Ship By Type" to Yes - this is to properly calculate the shipping cost to be paid to the vendors.

Go to Stores > Configuration > Omnyfy > Marketplace Commercial Management > Enable Ship By Type > Yes

NOTE: You must do this before an order is placed to prevent any incorrect calculations on the MCM Dashboard.

Module Configuration

Login to the Omnyfy Marketplace Backend, on the Admin sidebar, go to:

Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods -> Easyship

Here you will find the overall module configuration:

  • Enabled: This controls whether the module is enabled or disabled, set to Yes to enable it

  • Platform Name: The Sales Platform name sent to Easyship, and also the default name of the shipping method when Flat Rate is set.

  • Taxes/Duties Paid By: Determines who will be paying the taxes/duties on the Shipment cost. If not sent the Easyship default is Sender.

  • Shipment Includes Insurance: Determines whether Shipments will include and insurance fee

  • Allow Courier Fallback: This determines whether another courier can be chosen from the one chosen by the Customer when the Vendor or Marketplace Owner actually books the shipment if the courier chosen by the Customer is no longer available. If this is set to Yes then the shipping cost may change between the Customer ordering and the Vendor or Marketplace Owner booking the shipment.

  • Buy Label Synchronously: Allows you to buy the label at the same time as booking the shipment.

  • Buy Label File Format (only available if "Buy Label Synchronously" is set to Yes): The file format of the Label returned from Easyship

  • Label Size (only available if "Buy Label Synchronously" is set to Yes): Dimensions of the Label returned from Easyship (each courier might have their own integration specific size, which may override your selection).

  • Commercial Invoice (only available if "Buy Label Synchronously" is set to Yes): Dimensions of the Commercial Invoice returned from Easyship

  • Packing Slip (only available if "Buy Label Synchronously" is set to Yes): Dimensions of the Commercial Invoice returned from Easyship

  • Instructions for Webhook: These are configuration instructions that appear under the "Webhook Secret Key". Since it requires a little explanation for what to do with this field, we've made a configuration to allow Marketplace Owners to edit the language of the instructions, tailored to the site.

  • Sync Shipping Category from API (Must have a valid Easyship account set up first before you can action this - see next step): This will automatically pull in all of the shipping categories that Easyship requires for products to be shipped.

Once the Easyship settings have been configured, you can now set up your first Easyship Account. Generally you would set up an account for the Marketplace Owner so that you can import the Shipping Categories. Learn how to set up an Easyship Account here

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