Before reading this article, make sure you've ready our introduction article on using Airtable for importing products into your marketplace built on Omnyfy.

Customizable Options

Customizable Options are a versatile method of allowing your customer to configure the type of product that they are purchasing by adding additional options for them to select.

This is a default capability of Magento 2 and Omnyfy's marketplace platform, and we've supported this capability via our Airtable Import mechanism, while making it very simple for Vendors to create more complex products with additional customisations.

Types of Customisable Options

Option Type

When to use it

Select in Airtable

Drop Down

When you want your customer to make a single selection from multiple options



When you want to your customer to make a single selection, but need to show them all options on the page


Checkbox / Multiselect

When you want to provide your customer with the ability to selection multiple options

checkbox or multiselect

Text field

When you need your customer to enter a specific free form value


Text Area

When you need your customer to enter multiple lines of text such as a paragraph of content



When you want your customer to select a date


Additional attributes of Customizable Options

Customizable Options also support additional attributes such as:

  • Price (You can set a Fixed Price) per option

  • SKU (You can give each option its own SKU)

  • Maximum Characters (For Text and Area fields you can specify the maximum character limit)

Creating customisable options for product in a mass import

Airtable makes it very easy to manage the creation of bulk options for your products.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the "Options Management" tab in your Product Import Base (remember to duplicate the base supplied to you by your marketplace owner before starting this process)

  • Step 2: Create your options. The Options Management table will allow you to setup your options. You can then select the options you've selected in the Master Product Import Table when creating your products. The same options can be used for multiple products.



Option Name

The name of your option. If your option has multiple values simply repeat your option name for each value

Option Values

The Value of the Option - this is dependant on the type of Selector. This field is only require if the Option Type = dropdown, checkbox, radio or multiselect. It is not required for Text, Area or Date

Select Type

The Select Type refers to the type of field (dropdown, checkbox, radio, multiselect, field (text), area or date)


Is the field mandatory for the customer?

Maximum Characters

For Text or Area fields, you can limit the input characters by entering a value here (e.g. 10, 200 etc)

Option Price

If the Option increases or decreases the price of the product, add a price here. Only fixed price increase is supported


If there is a specific SKU attributed to this option, you can add it here.

  • Step 3: Selection the options for your product: In your Master Product Import Table, scroll to the "Custom Options" column, this column will allow you to select from your recently created options.

  • To select an option, click on the [+] sign or if you want to select multiple options together, click on the expanded arrow icon

  • then click "Link to a record from Options Management" and select the options you want to add one-by-one.

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