Step 1) Ensure that the data in your import is accurate and valid

Before performing the import, please ensure that you have created an import file that has all of the appropriate columns and verified the data that you are importing.

Importing an incorrect file will result in an import error designed to prevent invalid or incorrect data from being imported into your marketplace.

If you are experiencing issues with your imports, please contact your marketplace administrator and they will be able to assist in resolving your import issues.

Step 2) Log in to your marketplace account

Login to your marketplace Vendor Account, of if performing the import as a Marketplace Administrator, using your Administrator Account.

Step 3) Navigate to the import area on the marketplace

The Import is located under System > Import

Step 4) Select "Products" from the Entity Type dropdown

Click on the Entity Type dropdown and select "Products" from the list that is displayed. The options you see in your dropdown may differ based on the conditions of each Marketplace.

Under "Import Behaviour" select "Add/Update" as you want to Add new products or Update existing products. Please not select "Replace" as this will cause unexpected data behaviour on the platform.

Step 5) Select the import file

Click on "Choose File" and select the CSV file that contains the product data that you want to import.

Step 6) Check Data and Import File

Once the file has been selected, click on Check Data. This performs a verification on the file and will display error messages if the data in the file is incorrect or the file format is invalid. Please contact your marketplace administrator, including sending them the CSV file that you are attempting to import.

If the data is verified and is valid, you will receive the following message. Click on Import to complete the Import Process.

Viewing your imported product data

Once you've completed your import, you can verify that the products have been imported correctly by going to Catalogue > Products. This will list all newly imported products.

Don't forget, you will still need to import the inventory for the products you've just added. We have another import sheet that you can use specifically for the inventory and locations.

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