Airtable offers Vendors on the marketplace to easily import large volumes of product into the marketplace using a simple import process.

The Airtable applicable is pre-configured for each Marketplace with the appropriate Categories, Attributes and Fields to make importing your products easy.

Getting Started

When you log in to your Airtable account you will be presented with a Product Import Base that has been shared with you by your marketplace administrator. This file is pre-configured with all the information you need to import your product successfully into the marketplace.

Note that the name of the file for your marketplace may differ from the name below.

Airtable screenshot showing Product Base

Step 1: Create a Duplicate of this base for your products

The first step is to create a Duplicate of this base for your own products. If not you will be editing a shared base that is visible to others.

Click on the little white arrow on the bottom of the tile and select "Duplicate Base" This will create a copy of the base and you can rename this as required, based on your business. e.g. "Acme Product Base for MyMarketplace"

Airtable screenshot showing the process of duplicating a base

The Product Import Base

The product import base sheet will look as follows and will have several sections

1) Views

2) The Table Grid

3) Table tabs

As you are inputing data to be imported into the marketplace you only need to focus on the Spreadsheet View of the first tab - Vendor Data Input Grid. All other tables are simply for processing data and you do not need to make any changes. Please do not change any values in these tables as your import will fail if you do.

Airtable view of Omnyfy Product import sheet

The first view selected by default is the "Vendor Data Input Grid" this is where you copy and enter any new product information that you wish to import into the marketplace.

Adding a new record

You can add a new record by simply typing into the next empty row (e.g. in Row 7 as per the image).

You can also simply copy and paste data from an existing excel spreadsheet where you have this product data available. Please note that some fields will only accept specific values, so you must select these values from the list or ensure you're pasting the correct value.

These fields are denoted by their design

In the screenshot below, the name field can take any value, but the product_online and Select Product Attributes field can only accept specific values.

Airtable screenshot showing the different type of field inputs

To select a value, click on the [+] sign on the field

Airtable single select record field

Then select a value

Airtable Omnyfy Product import sheet Category Selection

Note that if you are pasting values, as long as the value matches the selection options, the option will immediately be selected.

Field Descriptions

Every field in the table has descriptions associated to help guide you with relation to the fields purpose, and the data that must be input. To view the description, simply hover over the (i) icon.

Airtable Omnyfy Product import sheet field Descriptions

Determining which products to add to your import sheet

Once all of your products have been added to the table, you can decide which products to add in your import sheet by simply clicking on the "Checkbox" on the "Add to Import Sheet" column.

Only the selected SKU's or records selected will display in the Product Import File for Download.

Airtable Omnyfy Product Import Sheet select products to be imported

Saving the Import Sheet

1) Click on the "Product Import File for Download" view

Airtable Omnyfy Product Import Sheet save file for download

2) Download the Product Import Sheet

This view will present the data that is ready to be imported to your marketplace. You can now save this data to a CSV file and upload it to the marketplace. To save the file click on the three dots (...) beside the View Name and select "Download CSV"

Airtable Omnyfy Product Import Sheet Download CSV

3) Download the Inventory allocation Sheet

IMPORTANT - please ensure that after every product import, where you've added new products to the marketplace, you must download and run the Inventory Allocation Sheet so that the product is assigned to the Vendor's Inventory.

Click on "Vendor Inventory Import File for Download"

Airtable Omnyfy Product Import Sheet Download Vendor Inventory Import File

To save the file click on the three dots (...) beside the View Name and select "Download CSV"

You are now ready to upload your files to the marketplace.

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