Once all Vendors have marked their part of the order as Ready for Pickup (see here), you will be able to make the booking with Sherpa.

Go to Sales -> Orders and select the order you'd like to book the shipment for, in the "Payment & Shipping Method" section of the order you should see a section that looks like this:

Where it says "2 Hour Delivery Motorbike" will be the delivery option chosen by the customer on checkout.

To send the booking request to Sherpa press the Book Pickup button.

If you open the order again the information under Shipping & Handling will be replaced with something like the below:

The information that isn't populated is because Sherpa hasn't booked the driver yet. Once this has happened this information will be populated with the details of the Sherpa Driver.

To view the full delivery details you can either:

  • Press the Manage Delivery button in the order page (see image above)

  • Go to the Delivery Management table located at Sales -> Delivery Management (see image below)

From here you can see all the deliveries processed on the site with their status, you can also view the full details or track deliveries using the actions:

Cancelling Bookings

Sherpa bookings can be cancelled up until they are picked up, however there are cancellation costs depending on what stage the booking is at. These are outlined in the Sherpa documentation here.

To cancel a shipment, go to the full delivery details (outlined above) and press Cancel:

You will be shown a pop-up and asked to choose a reason:

The reasons available are:

  • No longer needed

  • No driver available

  • Duplicate order

  • Driver late for pickup / delivery

  • Invalid job details

Press Submit and the cancellation should process, you'll be shown a message confirming this:

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