The Omnyfy Sherpa Shipping Method is used for marketplaces that provide a centralised pick up point for the Sherpa drivers to pick up orders from. Marketplaces will need to determine how each part of the orders will get to this centralised point, and as part of this Vendors will need to indicate when their part of the order is ready so the system knows when to book the delivery.

When an order is placed using Sherpa, the shipping section of the order in the Admin will appear like below:

This indicates Sherpa as being the delivery method, 2 Hour Delivery as the option chosen by the Customer and Motorbike as the type of vehicle for the delivery.

Once a Vendor has prepared their part of the order, they need to mark the order Ready for Pickup. To do this, they need to press the Ready for Pickup button at the top of the order page:

This will take them to a screen like this:

They need to press the "Ready For Pick" link indicated in the image above. Once this is pressed they will be asked to confirm the order is ready for pick, press OK.

Once all parts of the order have been marked Ready for Pickup the delivery will be ready to be booked.

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