Please login using the email address associated with your Vendor account and the password that you have used to login to the Marketplace Back-End Administration Portal. If you have not received a username and password, please check with your marketplace owner.


  1. This is your dashboard, your new order notifications are shown here as well as your most recent orders, top customers and best-selling products   

  2. To access the Order Fulfilment section, you can either: 

  • Tap “Order” in the menu at the top of the screen 

  • Tap the pink order notification button, labelled “Orders to be fulfilled” 

  • Tap the “View Orders” button, located in the middle of the three buttons on the bottom of the screen 

   3. The Orders to be Fulfilled button will display any orders that you have received which have not yet been picked and packed.

Orders Screen

  1. Orders Screen is where you can view and manage orders that you receive. Tap one of the orders in the left panel to view details of that order on the right. 

  2. The order list refreshes every 15 seconds, however if you need to manually refresh this screen drag the entire screen down. When you do this, a circle should start forming, once it completes release the screen and the latest updates will come through. This is called “Pull to refresh”

Order Fulfilment

  1. Once you have selected an order to fulfil, pick and pack the order and when its ready, notify the customers that their order is ready for collection. 

  2. You can also Print the order information if you need to attach this to the pick-up bags. To do this tap the “Print” button on the top right of the Order screen. 

  3. To notify a customer their order is ready to be collected, tap the “Change Status” button under the customer details on the right panel  

  4. On the pop-up that appears select “Change to Ready for Pickup” 

  5. Note that the status on the Order Tile in the order list will change to “Ready for Pickup” 

  6. Once the order is picked up, you can again press the “Change Status” button, now the option listed will be “Change to Complete”

  7. The change in status will reflect in the last column of list of orders in the left view panel (see below) 

  • Orders with “Ready for Pickup” have been marked ready and a notification has been sent to the client 

  • Orders with “Complete” in the last column have been picked up by the customer and marked complete 

Data Update

If for any reason your app hasn’t updated to display orders received based on email notifications that are sent to you via the marketplace, you can reset the data and pull through any missed orders.  

To do this press the “Settings” button in the top menu on the Dashboard and press “Reset all data”

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