Incoterms are a set of rules that define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts. The Marketplace Owner can enable Incoterms as the Shipping method for “Request For Quote” (RFQ), so Vendors can set a flat rate for the orders created from quotes. To enable the Incoterm for RFQ, complete the next steps.

How to enable Incoterms

  1. Login to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend as Admin (Marketplace Owner). On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores -> Configuration -> Omnyfy -> Request for Quote. Open the General Settings tab.

2. Set the “Enabled Incoterm Flat Rate” to Yes.

3. The “Incoterms Description” field can also be changed. This is the description that will appear to the vendor when selecting the Incoterm. To change “dap” for example, find the div and change the text:

4. When complete, click Save Config.

Enable RFQ for a product

Incoterms can only be applied to Quotes received. Vendors will then be able to choose the Incoterm and set the flat rate price for that specific quote. To enable quotes to a product, please check the following guide:

Define the Incoterm and Shipping Price for a Quote

When customers send an RFQ, Vendors will receive an email and can go to the Back-end to check the Quote.

  1. Login to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend as Vendor. On the Admin sidebar, go to Sales -> Quotations.

2. The list contains all the quotes received by the Vendor.

3. To update the required one, find on the list and click View.

4. Vendors can update the price for the item and the quantity on the quote. Change the necessary fields and click on Update Products.

5. This is the step to set the flat rate for shipping. Click on “Get shipping methods and rates”.

6. Select the shipping type (Incoterm) on the list.

7. The description of each selected Incoterm is the one defined in the configuration.

8. To set the price, click on “Set Price”. Enter the new price and click on “Update”.

9. To send the quote to the customer, change the Quote status to “Open”.

10. When complete, click “Save Quote & Update”.

11. Customer receives an email with the updated quote.

Customer reviews the quote and creates an order

After Vendor updates the quote, this will be available for customers to accept and pay. Customers can also “Decline” a quote, then the quote will not be available anymore, or send comments to Vendors if need to change something. When Customers or Vendors send comments, they will be available in the quote. They will be notified about new comments by email.

If customers do not pay at this moment and close the marketplace, the quote will still be available to pay in “My Quotes”.

Once the customer pays the quote, status will change to “Ordered”. The order will be available for Customers and Vendors.

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