NOTE - this functionality is currently only available to marketplace owners who are using Omnyfy's Stripe Payments Integration with Stripe Connect.

Creating a Simple or Virtual Subscription Product

You can create subscription products for SImple or Virtual products. You can also create a Configurable Product to offer multiple Subscription Offers for a product (e.g. where a product can be subscribed for weekly, monthly, annual etc).

Enabling subscriptions for a Simple Product

When creating a Simple or Virtual product, scroll down to the "Subscription by Stripe" tab and enable "Subscription Enabled" for the product.

You can configure the subscription using the fields below:

  • Repeat Every: Select the recurrence frequency for the subscription. Options include Days, Weeks, Months or Years. If you prefer to display 30 Days instead of 1 Month, set this to Days instead. If you select Days, the subscription is also created in days in your Stripe account.

  • Repeat Every: Set the billing cycle based on the frequency. e.g. 1 (month); 30 (days); 3 (months) for quarterly etc.

  • Trial Days: Set the number of days before the first charge will be billed for the subscription (e.g. 30 days free).

  • Initial Fee: Use this if you want to charge an upfront setup or registration fee for the subscription.

The customer will see the above subscription information on their product. If you're not seeing the information, please contact Omnyfy to enable this information in your custom theme. 

Creating a Configurable Subscription Product

NOTE: you can request your Implementation Partner to pre-configure your Subscription Options for you, so this will be immediately available to sellers on your marketplace. 

A Configurable Product can be used to offer multiple subscription options for a product. 

You can either start by creating a Simple or Virtual product and add configurations or select "Configurable Product" from the Add Product dropdown in the Catalog

Within the product fill in the basic information and then go down to the "Configurations" tab. Click on "Create Configuration"

In the "Create Product Configuration" slide out click on "Create New Attribute"

You can then create an attribute which is called "Subscriptions" or use whatever text you would like to represent your Subscription Options.

Input type as Text Swatch

Input type as Dropdown

  • Enter the Default Label

  • Select your Input Type - you can choose "Dropdown" or "Text Swatch" to represent how you want your Subscription Option to display on the product page - see the examples below. 

  • Under Manage Options you can enter the different Subscription Options you would like to offer.

  • Under Advance Attribute Properties please ensure Scope is set to "Global"

Once you're done with setting up the Attribute click on "Save Attribute"

The attribute will now visible in Step 1: Select Attributes. 

Ensure that the Subscription attribute is selected and click "Next"

In Step 2: Attribute Values, select the options you want to offer for the product and click "Next"

in Step 3: Bulk Images, Price and Quantity, you can either choose to add your images at this stage or simply click Next and allow the platform to create the products. You can add images at a later stage if required. Click "Next"

The Summary Page will display the new products that are going to be created for the configurations. Click "Next"

The Configurations will be created for you. Save the product.

Once the products are created you can then open each of the newly created Simple Products and set the Subscription Options for that product based on the steps outlined above for "Creating Subscription for Simple or Virtual Products"

Ensuring you assign the products to your "Location / Warehouse"

As a Vendor all products added to your catalog must also be assigned to your warehouse or location on the marketplace.

Navigate to Marketplace Management > Vendor Locations and Warehouse > select the warehouse or location from which you will be offering the product and click on Edit Inventory.

Select the products you've just created and add it to your location inventory. 

Then set the Quantity in the Inventory Column. You do not need to click save, the value is saved automatically once entered. 

Viewing the product on the front-end of your marketplace

Once the inventory is added your product will be visible on the marketplace. Customers will be able to select their preferred subscription option from the Dropdown list of Text Swatch, depending on which option you selected when creating the Subscription attribute.

Viewing and cancelling subscriptions for Customers

Customers can view their subscriptions in the "My Subscriptions" section of their account.

From here customers can view the orders associated with their subscriptions and also cancel their subscriptions if required. For subscriptions that include a shipping fee with each billing cycle, the shipping address will be displayed below the subscription name.

Subscription invoicing 

Once a subscription is activated, the subscription is then controlled by Stripe and the customer will receive invoices and will be billed directly through Stripe. 

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