Cart price rules apply discounts to items in the cart, according to a set of conditions. The discount can be applied by using coupon codes or automatically based on the conditions of the purchase. When applied, the discount appears in the cart under the subtotal. To create and manage cart price rules, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules

2. Edit an existing one or click on “Add New Rule” to create a new promotion rule.

3. Edit the information required.

  • Rule Name: Define a name for the rule

  • Description: Enter a description for the rule

  • Active: Choose Yes to activate the promotion

  • Websites: If your Marketplace has multiple websites choose which one this rule applies to, if your Marketplace only has on website choose Main Website

  • Customer Groups: Choose the Customer Groups that you need the discount to apply to 

  • Coupon: Choose No coupon if the discount will be applied automatically, or Specific Coupon if you want to create a coupon code for this discount

  • Coupon Code: If you chose Specific Coupon, this field will be activated. Enter a code for the coupon. For example: discount2020

  • Uses per Coupon: Enter a number if you need to limit the uses per coupon. For example: If you enter 200, then the first 200 customers to use the coupon can get the discount, after that the coupon is not available any more

  • Uses per Customer: Enter a number if you need to limit the uses per Customer for this coupon. For example: If each customer can only get the discount once, enter 1

  • From/To: Enter the start and end dates of the promotion 

  • Priority: This defines the priority of the promotion in relation to other promotions, this is used if you have "Discard subsequent rules" set to Yes. For instance, if you have a rule with Priority 1, that has "Discard subsequent rules" set to Yes, then a rule that could also apply based on the conditions but it's Priority is set to 2 then the second rule will not apply. However if the second rule has a priority of 0 it will apply, because it has a higher priority than the rule that stops subsequent rules from processing. If you want all applicable promotions to apply then always set this to 1 and make sure "Discard subsequent rules" is always set to No 

  • Public in RSS Feed: Set to Yes

  • Vendor: Choose the Vendor if this discount will be applied to a specific Vendor in the platform, or leave blank if the discount is applied for all the purchases

4. Define the conditions that the shopping cart has to meet for the rule be applied.

  • Click Add (+) at the beginning of the next line and select an option for the condition, such as cart attribute, product subselection, or combination.

  • Define the condition by choosing the options in the dropdown. Conditions can be added without limit until the rule is according to the requirement. For example:

5. Define the actions of this promotion.

Apply: the rule that will be applied to the promotion when the condition is met. The options are:

  • Percent of product price discount: Give discount in % for the products in cart. For example: enter 25 in Discount Amount for a discount of 25% on each product the rule applies to (defined below).

  • Fixed amount discount: Give discount in fixed amount for each item in the cart. For example: enter 25 in Discount Amount for a discount of $25 on each product the rule applies to (defined below). If two products meet the conditions, the discount will be $50.

  • Fixed amount discount for whole cart: Give a discount of a fixed amount on the order total. For example: enter 25 in Discount Amount for a discount of $25 total. For this kind of discount you don't need to specify which specific products the discount applies to below as it applies to the entire order, if it meets the Conditions determined above.

  • Buy X get Y free: discount that applies to a product once a customer buys a specified quantity of that product. For example: enter 1 in Discount Amount and 5 in the Discount Qty Step (Buy X). This indicates that if the customer purchases 5 products, they will get the 6th one free.

Extra information:

  • Discount Amount: The percentage or fixed amount that customer will receive as a discount, depending on the rule applied

  • Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To: Enter the maximum quantity of the same product that the rule can be applied to

  • Discount Qty Step (Buy X): The quantity of products that the rule “Buy X get Y free” should be applied to

  • Apply to Shipping Amount: Select No to apply the discount to the subtotal before the shipping amount is added. Select Yes to apply the discount amount separately to the subtotal and shipping

  • Discard subsequent rules: Set to Yes to prevent other pricing rules that meet their own conditions, with a lower priority, applying to the order. If the other price rule has a higher priority and has this set to No then both rules will apply.

  • Free Shipping: Select Yes to have Free Shipping for this rule or No to not have automatic Free Shipping

  • This section defines the product/s that the rule selected in the Apply dropdown applies to, unless you've chosen "Fixed amount discount for whole cart" in which case it applies to the entire cart instead of individual products. These conditions can be applied Cart Item Attributes, Product Attributes or a combination.

6. When complete, click Save.

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