Service Providers are available on some platforms that need to provide services via bookings in the marketplace. Vendors will create and manage their Service Providers, as well as their bookings. To create and manage Service Providers, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Service Booking > Manage Provider

2. You will find a list of providers available. To create a new one, click Add New Provider. To change an existing one, choose from the list.

3. Insert the profile information of the Service Provider:

  • Business: List of active Vendors on the Marketplace. As a Vendor, you will only see the options available to you.

  • Location: After choosing the Business, the list of Locations will appear. Choose one

  • Title: Title of the Service Provider

  • First Name: First name of the Service Provider

  • Last Name: Last name of the Service Provider

  • Photo: Upload a photo of the Service Provider

  • Email: Email Address of the Service Provider

  • Phone: Phone number of the Service Provider

  • Qualifications: Type the qualifications related to the service

  • Profile Details: Type any information related to the Service Provider that might be important to customers

  • Specialisation: Choose the Service Provider specialisation

  • Languages Spoken: languages spoken by the Service Provider

  • Status: Choose Available to make the Service Provider available in the marketplace

Please note: Fields can change according to the Platform needs

4. Insert the Service information. Go to Service Provided.

5. Click Add Booking Type and insert the information to each service provided by the Provider. You can add as many as necessary.

6. Click Save and Continue Edit. More tabs will be available. Please note, the tabs and information required can change according to the Platform needs.

7. Open the Working Calendar tab.

8. Click on View. The Provider will inherit the Location's calendar. To update the Provider calendar click on Edit.

9. To keep the default calendar, just click on Save. Otherwise, change the information according to the Service provider availability.

  • For each day, define the start time, end time and breaks. If the Service Provider wants to provide only specific services on specific days, you can choose from the list the “Appointments not Offered” at that day.

  • Define any Out-of-Office Schedules, so the Service Provider will not be available for bookings during these periods.

  • When complete, click Save to return to the Service Provider Profile.

10. When complete, click Save. If the page is not saving, please check the various tabs of that section for any fields that still need to be completed. The Provider will now be available for bookings.

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