After creating the Service Types, the Marketplace Owner or the Vendor needs to create the types of appointments available.

Examples of a Service Type: Men's Haircut, Ladies' Haircut;

This is the step where you will divide your created services. For example:

  • Service Type: Hair Styling

  • Appointment Type: Men's Haircut, Ladies' Haircut, Hair Colouring

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Service Booking > Manage Appointment Config

2. You will find the list of Appointment Types currently available. To create a new one, click Add Appointment Type. To change an existing one, choose from the list.

3. Insert the information of the appointment type:

  • Appointment Type: the name of the appointment type

  • Service Type: the related Service Type, created previously

  • Description: The details of the Appointment Type

  • Status: Choose Active to make the Appointment Type available

4. When complete, click Save

The appointment type will be available for customers through the Service Provider profile, according to the services that they will provide.

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