Marketplace Owner and Vendor can create and manage the types of services offered in the marketplace by the providers.

Examples of a Service Type: Hair Styling, Massage, Catering, Consultation.

Inside the Service Types you will include the appointment types and then divide your service. For example:

  • Service Type: Hair Styling

  • Appointment Type: Men's Cut, Ladies' Cut, Hair Colouring

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Service Booking > Manage Service Type

2. You will find the list of Service Types available. To create a new one, click Add Service Type. To change an existing Service Type, choose from the list.

3. Insert the Service Type information

  • Service Type: the name of the Service Type

  • Status: Choose Active to make the Service Type available on the marketplace

4. When complete, click Save.

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