This step allows Vendors to insert the product quantity for all Locations and Warehouses and control the Inventory.

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Business and Location > Manage Locations and Warehouse

2. The list will contain all the locations and warehouses.

3. Click Select, and Inventory on the intended location/warehouse row to add the product to that particular location/warehouse.

4. The list will contain the products available on this Store. To include a new product on this location, click Add Product.

5. Choose the products from the list of products of the Vendor. Select the checkbox of all the products that you want to add to this Location and click Add Selected Products.

6. Select each product from the list and add the quantity of product available in that location.

7. Insert the quantity and click Save.  If you are not keeping track of the quantity, input a large number such as 99999.

8. Add as many products as required and follow the steps again. NOTE: You need to repeat this process for each location that you have.

9. You can also generate a Stock Report by Location by clicking Stock report.

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