After completing the Vendor Frontend Store View, Vendors need to create their locations and warehouses.

Creating new locations

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Business and Location > Manage Locations and Warehouse

2. The list will contain all the locations added. For a new location, click Add New Location.

3. Enter the information about the new location. All the fields are mandatory.

  • Location Name: Name that will be used to control the location. This will appear at the back end as well as the front end (if applicable)

  • Location Address: Type the address and choose from the options listed (automatically pulled from Google)

  • Latitude: Automatically updated after informing the address

  • Longitude: Automatically updated after informing the address

  • Time Zone: Choose from the timezones available for this particular location

  • Post Code: Automatically updated after informing the address

  • Vendor: If you are a vendor, your name will be automatically set

  • Marketplaces: Choose between the options

  • Description: Description about the location

  • Status: Change to Active only after checking all the information

  • Priority: Priority between your locations. The higher the number, the lowest the priority (for high priority, insert 1)

4. Go to Opening Hours.

5. For each day, click on Start Time and End Time to define the opening hours. Choose the hour and minute and click Done.

  • If the location is closed for specific days during the week, check the option Close.

6. Define the Holiday Hours. Click Add Holiday Hours.

  • Date: Choose from the calendar

  • Description: Name for the holiday

  • Closed all day: Check if the location will be closed, otherwise insert Start and End Time

7. When complete, click Save.

8. The new Location will appear on the list. Click Select and Edit.

9. Check if there are any new fields. This may occur if the Marketplace Owner created specific location attributes for the Marketplace. If there are new fields, insert the information needed.

10. When complete, click Save.

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