When the vendor is approved by the Marketplace owner, the Vendor will receive an email notification with the link of the Omnyfy Marketplace. The first step after receiving this access is to setup the Vendor account. Without this step, the Vendor will not be able to start the processes and to receive the payments.

Completing the Vendor Profile

Vendor Profile Information

The Profile Information contains the basic information about the vendor, such as Business Name and Description.

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Business and Location > Vendor Profile

2. The list will contain the vendors available. With the vendor login, only one line will be available. Click Edit.

3. Enter the Profile Information. Some of the information will be available from the Vendor Signup form.

4. If you are the Marketplace Owner, assign the correct Vendor Type. If you are a Vendor, the Vendor Type will be assigned according to your account information.

Process with Stripe

If the Marketplace is already using Stripe, follow the next steps to create the Stripe account and check KYC.

5. Click on Payout and Banking tab, and then Create Stripe account

Vendor will be redirected to Stripe to enter bank and personal information. Please follow all the steps on Stripe. When the Stripe process is complete, Vendor will be redirected to the Marketplace again and KYC status will be sent to the platform.

NOTE: Without the KYC step, Vendors cannot receive payouts from the Marketplace Owner.

When complete, go to step 7 (Review and Save).

Process without Stripe

Bank Account Information

If the Marketplace is not using Stripe, use the next steps to provide the bank account information and check KYC.

5. Click Bank Account Information on the left menu. Enter the bank account information according to the country.

NOTE: The BSB/Routing Number has a different format according to the country. For Australia bank account, please enter 6-digit BSB number. For New Zealand bank account, please leave this field blank. For US bank account, please enter 9-digit US routing number. For other international payments, please enter 8-11 characters SWIFT code

KYC Information (Applicable only for Assembly Pay)

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. The information added on this step will allow the payment gateway to verify the vendor.

6. Click KYC Information on the left menu. All the fields are mandatory.

NOTE: To enter your date of birth, click on the calendar icon and select month, year and day.

Review and Save

All the pages modified will contain an icon at the menu. Check the information.

7. When complete, click Save.

8. After Save, click on Send KYC to send the information to payment gateway for verification.

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