Marketplace Owners can determine whether to enable Enquiries from the configuration page where you can open by clicking on ‘Stores’ – ‘Configuration’ – ‘Make an enquiry’. By default, the module is disabled. 

Enabling this module will add a ‘Make an enquiry’ tab in each vendor profile, so that vendors can control their enquiry settings.

Assigning Enquiry Emails

You can also assign email templates in the email notification setting, so that the template will be sent in the corresponding scenarios.

If the email is for vendors, the email will be sent by the site admin general contact email address. You can select the 'Email Copy to' emails separating email addresses by ';'. 

If the email is for customers, you can select the sender's email address from 'Vendor email', 'General contact email' (site admin general contact email) or a 'custom email'.

The configuration has 3 email notification to be assigned:

  • Receive a new enquiry - Vendor

  • Receive a New Message - Vendor

  • Receive a New Message – Customer

Note: The email templates can be managed in 'Marketing’ – ‘Email Templates'.

Configure Enquiry for Each Vendor

Marketplace Owners and Vendors will be able to view the newly added ‘Make an Enquiry’ tab in the vendor profile. There are ‘Enable Enquiry for Vendor’ and ‘Enable Enquiry for Products’ selection for each vendor. They are both enabled by default, which means this vendor can accept enquiries on the vendor page and all its product page on the front end. The ‘Make an Enquiry’ button will be hidden from the vendor/product page if the status is changed to ‘disabled’ here.

Configure Enquiry for Each Product

After setting the enquiry status for each vendor and vendor' product, Marketplace Owners and Vendors can also enable/disable the enquiry for specific products. In the product details view, open the 'Manage Enquiry' accordion, and then you can choose the status in the dropdown list, as below.

Managing Enquiries received from customers

Marketplace Owners can manage all enquiries of all Vendors, but Vendors can only view and manage their own enquiries in the grid view by clicking on ‘MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT’ – ‘Manage Enquiries’.

This grid view shows the vendor and product enquiries sent by customers.

  • Enquiry ID – ID of the enquiry

  • Vendor – Name of the vendor who receives this enquiry

  • Product Name – If the enquiry is a general one for the vendor, display N/A; If the enquiry is for a specific product (sending from the product page), display the product name here.

  • Enquiry Date – Date and time of the enquiry

  • Sent By – Customer name

  • Email – Customer email address

  • Mobile – Customer mobile number

  • Company – Customer’s company name

  • Status – Status of the enquiry. If the enquiry hasn’t been replied by the vendor, show ‘New’. If the enquiry has already been replied by the vendor, show ‘Open’.

  • Action – You can view or delete the enquiry

Clicking on ‘View’ in the ‘Action’ column will open the enquiry details view. This view shows the enquiry details, customer information and the message left by the customer. Vendors can enter their response in the text field and click on ‘Reply’ button to submit. Customer will receive a notification about this reply immediately and then they can log in to their user dashboard to view your comment.

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