Marketplace managers need to organise payouts to Vendors on the marketplace for products sold, or services delivered on the marketplace. 

Omnyfy's Pending Payouts management view enables Marketplace Owners to take full control over their payouts or disbursements to Vendors.

To view and manage your marketplace payouts click on ‘MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT’ – ‘Pending Payouts’. In this view, you can check the amount of ‘total payouts pending’ and ‘ready to pay’. The grid shows the ‘balance owning’ and ‘payout amount’ for each vendor.

Selecting the checkbox of each vendor and choose ‘process payout’ in the ‘actions’ mass dropdown will process the payout and the payout amount is the total of ‘Payout amount’ of the selected vendors.

To view the details of the payout for each Vendor, click on "View" in the actions column.

The details page has ‘Orders included in payout’ and ‘pending orders’ tab, you can move the orders between the tabs by clicking on the ‘select’ button or select the orders and use the mass action to do a bulk move. The total payout amount in the ‘orders included in payout’ tab is the payout amount of this vendor.

By Default, Omnyfy's business logic will automatically set an order as "Ready to Payout" once the order status is "Completed", however this is configurable and additional business rules can be easily added as required. 

Payout operations

Payout operations depend on the payment gateway used by your marketplace. Please check with your Omnyfy Account Manager on the specific payout operations for your preferred payment gateway.

  • Instant Vendor Withdrawal

  • Manual Vendor Withdrawal

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