Vendors or the marketplace owner can view a Vendor's Earnings by navigating to ‘MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT’ – ‘Vendor Profile’, and then click on the earning amount of the vendor in the grid view.

In the Vendor Earnings view, you can check the vendor’s lifetime earnings, the current month earnings, and the withdrawals information.

  • The lifetime earnings tile shows the total earnings, net amount, taxes and the paid fees.

  • The current month earnings tile shows the same information specifically for this month.

  • The withdrawals tile shows the total payout received amount, the total withdrawn amount and the available balance amount. Clicking on the ‘View withdrawal history’ will open the withdrawal history view of the vendor.

  • The grid view displays the order information, fees details and the payout status of each order. Clicking on the ‘invoice number’ of the paid-out order will download the invoice pdf file. Clicking on the payout reference number will open a new view displaying all orders included in this payout. Clicking on the ‘View’ in the ‘Action’ column will navigate to the order details view.

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