Marketplace Fees and Charges Management for individual Vendors

Fees and Charges Management enables Marketplace Owner to set and manage fees by Vendor, View Vendor payout details and view the Payout History for the Vendor. The ‘Fees and Charges Profile’ is created once a new vendor profile is created in the marketplace. You can manage the profiles by clicking on ‘MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT’ – ‘Marketplace Fees and Charges Management’.

In the management grid view, each line item has the following information:

  • Vendor ID – ID of the vendor

  • Vendor Name – Name of the vendor

  • Last Updated – Profile last updated date and time

  • Seller Fees – Percentage seller fee of the vendor

  • Min Seller Fee – Minimum seller fee of the vendor

  • Max Seller Fee – Maximum seller fee of the vendor

  • Disbursement Fee – Disbursement fee charged from the vendor

  • Tax Name – Name of the tax that the vendor needs to pay for

  • Tax Rate – Rate of the tax that the vendor needs to pay for

  • Action – Click on ‘view’ to open the details page

Clicking on ‘View’ will open the Fees and Charges management view of the vendor. By default, the vendor uses the marketplace default vendor fees setting, but each vendor can have its own ‘Tax name’ and ‘Tax rate’.

If turning on ‘Set fees for vendor’, you can give different fees rates specifically for this vendor by filling the following fields:

  • Seller Fee%

  • Minimum Seller Fee ($)

  • Maximum Seller Fee ($)

  • Disbursement Fee ($)

Clicking on the ‘Save’ button will save the configuration for this vendor, and all orders placed for this vendor will be using the configured fees rates.

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