With Omnyfy, Marketplace Owners can setup different Fees and Charges for Vendors and Customers. You can also set up your marketplace to charge each vendor their own individual fee - click here if you want to set Fees and Charges individually for each Vendor on your marketplace

Omnyfy supports the following Fee Types for Vendors

Fee Type



Seller Fees

Seller fees refer to a percentage commission charged by the Marketplace Owner to Vendors on the platform, per order.

10% commission per vendor per order

Category Fees

Fee charged PER Category of product within the cart. Different Categories may have different Category Fee. Category Fees are cumulative (i.e. if a Parent and Child category have fees, the total fee is the sum of both Category Fees)

Garments - 5%; Electronics - 8%; Children's Toys - 4%

Disbursement Fees

A fixed fee charged per Order per Vendor. The fixed amount charged per order and deducted from the Sub-total that is payable to the Vendor.

Always calculated on Pre-Tax amount. Tax is then calculated on the fee.

$5 fixed commission per vendor per order

Enabling Fees and Configuring Default Fees on your Marketplace

Fee configurations are included in Managed Marketplace Setup for your marketplace.

As a Marketplace Owner, you can configure the Commercials Management view by clicking Stores > Settings > Configuration > Omnyfy > Marketplace Commercials Management tab.

Field Name


Turn on Fees Management

By default, the status of ‘Turn on Fees Management’ is ‘No’. Changing the status to ‘Yes’ will turn on the Marketplace Commercials Management module and the related configuration fields will display.


On-Platform KYC

This will determine how the KYC will be managed.

Set this to 'No' if you are using stripe for your payment gateway / payouts.

Set this to 'Yes' if you are using a platform outside of Omnyfy to manage the KYC.

Enable Ship By Type

This configuration will allow the fees to be managed by a per account basis. Please note that this is only available for the following Shipping Methods:

  • Easyship

  • HDS (Home Delivery Service)

If you are not using any of the above shipping methods, please ensure you select 'No' for this.

Retain Shipping Fees as Marketplace Earnings

If this option No then shipping fees transferred to Vendor

If Yes then shipping fees retained for Marketplace.

NOTE: Omnyfy Shipping needs to be calculated by Per Vendor for this to be activated. If you are calculating shipping by Overall Cart, the Marketplace Owner will always retain the shipping fee.

NOTE: This only applies if Enable Ship by Type is set to No.

Please see below the shipping table for how this will work for shipping:

Ship By Type

Calculate Shipping By

Retain Shipping Fee

Expected Result


Per Vendor


If using Easyship, then if that location is using a Marketplace Owner created Easyship account, then shipping is NOT included in pay out.

If Vendor is using their own Easyship Account, shipping should be included in their pay out.


Overall Cart


Shipping Fee is NOT included in Vendor Pay out option


Per Vendor


Shipping Fee is included in NOT Vendor Pay out option


Per Vendor


Shipping Fee is included in Vendor Payout option


Overall Cart


Shipping Fee is NOT included in Vendor Payout option

Category Commissions

Selecting ‘Yes’ in the ‘Allow Category Commission’ dropdown will allow you to charge the category commission fee for the product within the cart and then they can set the rate for each category in the category management view.

Transaction Fees

You can set to use a transaction fee for customers here

Field Name


Allow Transaction Fees

Set this to 'Yes' if you would like the customers to pay for a Transaction Fee.

If set to 'No', the below fields will not appear/apply.

Transaction Fee %

Please enter the percentage transaction fee charged per order. Entering 1.6 means charging 1.6% per order.

Transaction Fee $

Please enter the fixed amount of transaction fee charged per order. Entering 0.3 means charging 30c per order.

Transaction Fee Surcharge %

Please enter the percentage of the transaction surcharge which is used to secure additional revenue from the transaction. Entering 0.2 means charging extra 0.2% on top of the transaction fee.

Tax rate on Transaction Fee %

Please enter a number without %.

Default Vendor Fees

If you want to set default fees for every Vendor on the marketplace, you can change the status of ‘Allow Default Vendor Fees’ to ‘Yes’, which will display the following four fields:

  • Default Seller Fees - % of Sub-total charged as fees to this Vendor. Seller Fees are calculated in addition to the Category Commission.

  • Default Minimum Seller Fees - This amount will be charged if the calculated Seller Fee is less than the Minimum Seller Fees.

  • Default Maximum Seller Fees - This amount will be charged if the calculated Seller Fee exceeds the Maximum Seller Fees.

  • Default Disbursement Fees - Amount deducted from each order to cover disbursement costs for this Vendor.

As a result, new vendors will automatically apply the default vendor fees if you choose to use the default values for them.


Select these options if you would like to allow refunds of the Commercials Management

Email Templates

Here you will be able to choose the Payout Notificiation e-mail template to the Marketplace Owner.

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