Product or service marketplace require the ability to add Expert or Curated reviews for the products on the marketplace. The Expert Reviews module enables this by providing the flexibility to manage the review aspects or dimensions and the ability to add reviews to specific products on the marketplaces. 

Create Rating Aspects for Expert Reviews

1. Go to side menu> MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT> Expert Rating.

2. Click on Add New Expert Rating button on top right. 

3. Enter the rating aspect code and rating name. Click on Save Expert Rating. Then the rating aspect or dimension can be used for Expert Reviews. 

Add Expert Reveiw

  1. Go to side menu> PRODUCTS> Catalog. Find the product for which you want to add the Expert Review

2. In the Action dropdown, select “Edit Expert Review”

3. Enter the Expert Review and rate the product from the pre-defined aspects for the product. Click on “Save Expert Reviews” button. The review will then appear on the frontend and backend MARKETPLACE> Expert Reviews grid view. 

Edit Expert Reviews

  1. If you would like to edit the Expert Review, go to side menu> MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT> Expert Reviews. Find the Review by filter, click on Edit. 

2. Edit the review and click on Save Expert Reviews button. 

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