Omnyfy offers marketplace owners the ability to create Vendor Subscriptions that charge vendors a fee to participate on the marketplace. Vendor Subscriptions are created on Omnyfy using the Vendor Subscription module. Click here to learn how you can create a new Vendor Subscription.

To complete the creation of a Vendor Subscription, you need a Subscription Code from Stripe. 

Follow the process below to create a new subscription in Stripe, then simply copy and paste in your Subscription Code into the newly created Vendor Subscription Plan in Omnyfy.

Subscription Configuration in the payment gateway

  1. Log into Stripe account

  2. Go to Billing > Products 

  3. Click on "Add new product"

1) Subscription Product Name

This should ideally match the name given to the subscription plan in Omnyfy- e.g. for PTme there may be three different products 

  • Personal Trainer Subscription

  • Gym Subscription

  • Healthcare Professional Subscription

2) Unit Label 

The unit count of the subscription. If the subscription is for a month, then set it "Per Month"

3) Statement descriptor

The information that will appear on the Vendor's Credit Card - ensure it contains the marketplace name so the payment is identifiable

5. On the "Product Pricing Tier" - here we need to add the first pricing tier. Additional pricing tiers can be added later

1) Subscription Plan Name
This is the name given to the Subscription Plan -  There may be multiple plans created. 

This will be the name of the plan visible to Vendors in Omnymart, so ensure it makes sense for Subscriptions

2) ID
Leave blank in Stripe as this will be auto-generated

3) Pricing type
Choose Recurring Quantity

4) Currency
IMPORTANT: this should be set to the BASE CURRENCY of the Marketplace

5) Does this pricing plan have multiple prices based on quantity
For Monthly Subscription products that are not "Seat" based - leave this to "NO". 

NOTE: If an MO wants to create an Annual and Monthly Subscription - this will be created as two different pricing tiers for the same product.

6) Price per unit
Set the Monthly or interval based Unit Price

7) Billing interval
Set the Billing Interval for this subscription

8) Trial period
Set the Trial Period for the Subscription (if the MO wants to offer a free trial period)9Add Pricing Plan buttonClick to add the pricing plan

Once the Product and Pricing tier is created, you will see the Product information view

IMPORTANT: Once the Product is created, this ID will be copied and pasted into the same Subscription Product created in Omnyfy

Clicking on the Plan will display the Plan information. 

  1. Plan ID: This plan ID will be copied and entered into Omnymart for each Subscription Tier created for a Subscription Product

  2. Additional pricing plans can be added for the product

  3. Logs display the API calls used to create the products and pricing plans. Clicking the logs will display the Request and Response. 


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